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Weight Loss Omelette 4 ways

Meal Plan For A Day

Healthy Diet Schedule for A Day. Daily Diet Plan for Weight Loss Daily Meal. This is one of the best diet to loose weight fast either for men or for women!


9 Baby Fruit Purees

Learn to make healthy and tasty baby purees like this, by visiting our channel. They’re laced with Homemade Protein Powder & Dry Dates Powder to make’em more nutritious!
Green Sandwich Spread

Protein Powder(Home)

This is one of the healthiest protein powders that you can make at home using all natural ingredients. home made protein is versatile and consumed in different ways!

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50Your tips are amazing. I am making baby food workshops as my conclusion thesis in medicine school, and your recommendations are following what the World’s Health Organization says and what as doctors we teach to new moms. Congratulations for this incredible job. Kisses from Brazil

          Maria Almeida

A Doctor from Brazil


I am so glad i found these videos <3 I recently found out I was pregnant and looking at prices in stores I knew I could just make Delicious food for him yet save money. Thanks for posting

Katie M

Expecting Mom! 

I wanted to start solids to my baby and this video has been a real help!! I tried some of recipe and my baby loved it.Thanks a ton

       Akanksha Chandeka

A Mom from India

You are amazing. My kid loves all your dishes. U made my cooking very easy and tasty at the same time. Thank you. Keep up the good work ❤

Najma Nazar

A subscriber


No words.. I tried this dosa and turned out very well. fallen in love with each of your videos. Got addicted to your channel. The way you prepare food.. way to go. Simple yet delicious!

Anusha Varadarajan

A subscriber to our channel


Really superb and thanks for your great effort 👍👍👌👌👌 . Nice diet plan and healthy too and you keep rocking…… 😊😊😊

Nandhini Partheeban

A Subscriber


Featured Meal Plan

4-Week Fitness Plan: A Guide to Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Your weight management goals are largely determined by ‘Diet’. While your lifestyle and sleeping patterns being the 2 other important factors, you can determine health outcomes by choosing right foods in desirable portion sizes!

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