About Us

Food is Health – a pretty good part of it at least! We put a lot of effort to understand the intrinsic value of food. We summarize our philosophy in 3 phrases: Food for Health. Foor for Fun. Food that Taste good and Looks Great! To meet that goal, we experiment and incorporate many techniques and ingredients from different cuisines. Hence Fusion Cooking! Being parents of young kids, our baby food chops are sharp too!

Good Taste

If the food doesn’t taste good, you would lose interest in it. Healthy Foods don’t need to be bland. When you use proper technique and right ingredients, you can make the food taste great!

Good Health

As the saying goes, you’re what you eat! Food plays a vital role in controlling and contributing to your heatlh. It should be fresh, balanced and tasty, to keep you healthy!

Good Eating Habits

To maintain and sustain health, you should eat healthy. A great way of inculcating good habits in your kids starts with you. We strive to provide savory and tasty recipes for adults and kids as well!

Our Journey

We’ve started our Youtube journey with Fusion Cooking Channel with an intent of sharing recipe ideas and techniques we acquired over a long time. In the short span of 8 months, Fusion Cooking channel came a long way in sharing recipe ideas and creating a vibrant community of 9000+ Subscribers!



Recipes Published

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Why Us?


Every Week Something New!

We’ve been posting at least 2 videos a week. On Tuesdays and Fridays. Recently, most of the videos present two or 4 recipes. Stay subscribed to get exciting ideas every week!

Exceptional Food

Usually we get comments/feedback from our viewers and subscribers stating either the recipe’re interesting or novel or help reaching their health goals. Of course besides being healthy!

Accessible Ingredients

Most of the recipes are either weight loss or baby food recipes. Ingredients are accessible or available at many of the households. A detailed list is provided in each recipe and description of the video.

Easy Recipe Directions

A picture speaks a thousand words and a video does not require words to explain. While we show each step of preparation and recipe, we also provide sub text with nutrition information and additional tips!

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