An Introduction to Fusion Cooking

Jul 23, 2018Blog, Concepts

What Is It?

Fusion Cuisine/Cooking has been a culinary tradition for some time which tries to combine elements from different cuisines(and cultures), whether they’re ingredients or techniques or cooking styles.When we named our channel as Fusion Cooking we meant the essence and practices of such a fusion cuisine.

Without delving deep into culinary histories and traditions, I would like to describe ourselves as ‘home chefs’ who happened to infuse cooking traditions, styles & ingredients from Mexican,Italian & Chinese – to name a few – into mostly Indian foods.

Our Food Journey

We were adventurous enough to try different cuisines within India. There were some significant differences between cooking styles of North and South India. Within these 2 areas, there are regional styles and differences in cooking. Obviously we’d be intrigued by some dishes we like, as how they were made and what were the ingredients. It’s the passion that would let you get into the details and absorb the goodness of it!

When we moved to States some 9 years ago, the whole world of culinary traditions opened before us. It takes some open mindedness to try cuisines outside of your own and own comfort zone. Usually, we would try to experience American, Italian, Mexican or Chinese foods when we go out for dinners or during out of town travel. It is usually deliberate, and risky too! The outcomes are mixed. But that’s the exciting part of it, right?

Transformation of Our Cooking Style

Next step in our journey is to incorporate ingredients from a foreign culture, into the dishes we usually do. For instance chicken stir fry. We found that the sauces used in chinese foods are great for preserving the flavor, they can help reduce the amount of oil it need to cook chicken and it is just fun to try!

That’s how you see Indian spices in the penne pasta recipe we made and Italian herbs/spices in many of the Indian foods we showcased in our Youtube channel

The Belief of “We Are What We Eat!”

We believe in the fact that “we are what we eat”. We also don’t hesitate to come up with a recipe that meets a particular health goal – however insane or absurd it may look like, to our peers. Once I had to work on my cholesterol levels and decided to eat more Oats, Quinoa and Wheat. It was a significant shift in dietary habit for a person who grew up eating polished white rice all three meals a day! At the same time, soon I got bored with the traditional ways of eating oats. Oats are mostly sweet or bland in States. So I’ve started pairing Indian lentil preparations (Dal Palak, for instance) or Soups (like Sambar) with steamed old fashioned oats. It gave a very desirable outcome in that I could incorporate more healthy grains without being sucked into a diet plan that is healthy but not enjoyable as regular meal. If you can’t enjoy them, you would give up soon.

I could think of another instance when my wife was giving cold, raw vegetables in the morning for breakfast. We used to have arguments around how much I hate to eat them in the morning, in place of warm comfort breakfasts like Idli & Dosa(from India)! Then we came up with this idea of adding Indian plain yogurt with little salt and pepper. Suddenly the breakfast became enjoyable!

Experiences like these helped us try more variety and expand the culinary horizons. Over the time we tried to come up with recipes that are tasty, look great and healthy at the same time! What else you would need?! That’s how ‘Fusion Cooking’ became a habit and we wanted to share those ideas experiences with the world through our Youtube channel

Here We Are!FusionCookingIntro

To summarize, here are the major themes of our channel: Fusion Cooking for Novelty and fun, Fusion Cooking to meet health goals & Fusion Cooking for a tasty and enjoyable meal! However, based on our short experience YouTubeing, we found more and more people are looking for ideas to lose weight stay healthy. So, we wanted give more focus on foods and ideas for promotion of health, losing weight and staying healthy.

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